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Swingers can be couples or singles.  These people enjoy when they find a sexual adventure outside their otherwise fidelitous relationship, often as an organized activity such as a Swing Party in a private dating club. Swinging or spouse and sexual partner swapping is a new trend in the world among consenting adults that involves partner (wife and husband) swapping, cuckold humiliation by a big black dick in front of the husband, wives sharing with strangers and wife swapping among friends.

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The swinging couples individuals are usually free spirited sexually. The couples (married or just dating) tend to be in love with each other, and only "share" each other sexually with others. Sometimes this means "swapping or sharing wives" sometimes it means "threesome, group or orgy sex". Often times it involves a lot of alcohol as well as watching free porn videos.

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A single swinger despises the dating process and would rather meet at secret xxx party gatherings where it's acceptable and expected that real sex and fucking will happen on the spot with whomever they meet (preferably a couple) and feel attracted to without going to the boring charade of 3 dates before sex, cheap wine and insecure suitors who turn from princes to frog monsters in less than a month.